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Sample code for “outreg” command in Stata

outreg is a time-saving and must-have command in Stata. It will generate a ready-for-use results table like this. I’m sure you will see what a relief this can give us. outreg is not a built-in command and can be installed … Continue reading

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Use Python to download data from the DTCC’s Swap Data Repository

I helped my friend to download data from the DTCC’s Swap Data Repository. I am not familiar with the data and just use this as a programming practice. This article gives an introduction to the origin of the data: The … Continue reading

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Download FR Y-9C data from WRDS

WRDS currently populates FR Y-9C data quarter by quarter in individual datasets, like BHCF200803, BHCF200806, BHCF200809 and so on. WRDS has not stacked those individual datasets to formulate a single time-series dataset like COMPUSTAT. There are two ways to overcome … Continue reading

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TAR-Style Word Template

I create a Word template that complies with The Accounting Review editorial style. My design philosophy is “simple but sufficient”. I do not like those templates that are heavy and fancy (e.g., macros everywhere). This is just version 1. It … Continue reading

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Use Python to download TXT-format SEC filings on EDGAR (Part II)

[Update on 2019-07-31] This post, together with its sibling post “Part I“, has been my most-viewed post since I created this website. However, the landscape of 10-K/Q filings has changed dramatically over the past decade, and the text-format filings are … Continue reading

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Use Python to extract Intelligence Indexing fields in Factiva articles

First of all, I acknowledge that I benefit a lot from Neal Caren’s blog post Cleaning up LexisNexis Files. Thanks Neal. Factiva (as well as LexisNexis Academic) is a comprehensive repository of newspapers, magazines, and other news articles. I first … Continue reading

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A loop of cross-sectional regressions for calculating abnormal accruals in Stata

I write a loop of cross-sectional regressions for calculating abnormal accruals. This program can be easily modified and replaced with Jones, modified Jones, or Dechow and Dichev model. I add detailed comments in the program to help you prepare the input … Continue reading

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The impact of WRDS transition to the new WRDS Cloud server

WRDS has quietly started the transition from the old server to the new Cloud server. This move makes a lot of support documentation on the WRDS website outdated and misleading. That is why I think WRDS should direct its resources on continuously … Continue reading

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Rolling-window computation in SAS and Stata

SASers often find proc expand plus transformout very useful for rolling-window (or moving-window) computation. Stataers may wonder if there is a counter party in Stata. The answer is “yes”. The command in Stata is rolling. See the manual below: The … Continue reading

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SAS macro for event study and beta

There are two macros on the List of WRDS Research Macros: EVTSTUDY and BETA, which may be often used. I like the first one, written by Denys Glushkov. Denys’ codes are always elegant. I don’t like the second one because … Continue reading

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